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Tract allows field service management companies to manage warranty contracts and claims in a single solution, and connect it to the rest of their business. Instead of using pen and paper, Excel, or standalone software, field service business can use Tract’s software to automatically create warranty contracts, manage warranty work orders, and track warranty claims through to payment.

Easily sell and create warranty contracts

You can either choose to manually sell and add warranty contracts to specific assets, or you can allow Tract to automatically create the contract for you. As part of your inventory control, you can specify which materials have warranty contracts, what is covered, and the duration. When a specific material is installed at a customer site, Tract will automatically create the warranty contract to make it easy to look up later.

Tract Systems warranty contract screen

Access warranty contracts in the office and in the field

Many businesses struggle to know when they did work for customers and what the status of a warranty contract is. This leads to time wasted in the office, and often leads to incorrectly performing field work under the assumption of a valid warranty contract. With Tract, office and field users can quickly access warranty contracts to confirm validity.

Tract Systems warranty contract validation overview

Manage your warranty claim status

Too many field service businesses perform warranty work for manufacturers and then either forget to submit a claim or fail to receive payment. Tract will automatically create a draft warranty claim whenever warranty work is performed so that your office can track the status through to paid..

Tract Systems Warranty claim overview

Upsell new warranty contracts

With Tract’s reporting functionality, you can easily monitor which customers have a warranty contract that has expired or is expiring in the near future. Your team can proactively use this information to contact the customer to either schedule an asset check up or sell an additional warranty contract.

Tract Systems Warranty contract report overview

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