Performance Dashboard

Tract helps owners and managers stay on top of the most important metrics for their business. The Dashboard view provides a real-time snapshot of the daily, weekly, and monthly progress towards business goals. Move away from time consuming and outdated reports and start using real-time, relevant dashboard metrics.

Tract Systems performance dashboard feature

Instantly know the status on key metrics

When was the last time you could take 10 seconds to know the revenue for the month, work orders completed, and warranty claims processed? The Tract dashboard brings every area of your business together and displays the data in tables and graphs for easy understanding. You'll instantly know the status and be able to identify any potential issues before they get worse.

Detail where it matters

Tract's dashboard is highly configurable to ensure you see the most important information to you. Set the date range for your metrics and instantly analyze performance:

•Invoices issued, paid, and outstanding

•Total sales

•Work order status

•First time fix rate

•Print or email invoice

•Warranty claim status

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