Dispatch and Crew Scheduling

Dispatch and scheduling software designed to make assigning work orders assimple and quick as possible. Dispatchers have all of the information they need to make assignment decisions and can simply drag and drop the work order tile to assign work to a crew.

Detailed Dispatcher View

Everything a dispatcher needs on one screen. Each tile represents a work order and shows the most important information. Dispatchers are able to quickly assign work orders based on job characteristics like type of work, location, and parts required.

Tract Systems detailed dispatcher dashboard view

Work order detail where you need it

In addition to having the most relevant work order details visible on each work order tile, dispatchers are able to open up the detailed work order screen directly within the dispatch view.

Tract Systems dispatcher messenger

Immediate updates to the field

Any changes to a schedule or work order are instantly pushed to mobile devices so the field is always up-to-date. Field team receive notifications on their devices and can communicate back to the head office.

Tract Systems dispatcher mobile notifications

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